Out of Isolation, Into the Podcast!

Being a stay at home mom can be isolating. This week especially so, with a teething feverish toddler who doesn't want to sleep canceling all of my plans. Coming out of the haze of another night of sleeplessness, I can't even describe how totally life-affirming and amazing it was to hear myself talk about Bill the Patriarchy with Ann Friedman on the Call your Girlfriend podcast this morning! I want to start every day with Aminatou Sow yelling "PATTI I LOVE THIS!" at me. 

To be seen and heard by all of you, and the emails and messages you are sending me are the opposite of isolating. It makes me realize how not alone we all are in this, and it makes me so, so happy. 

I am also excited to be discussed alongside MIsstress Velvet, the amazing dominatrix who makes subs read black feminist theory!

Listen to the whole episode here, or look for Call Your Girlfriend on iTunes | Stitcher | Overcast | Pocket Casts